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Personal branding: more important than ever

Whether you’re already known within your field, a new entrepreneur or a recent grad – a personal branding session can benefit you in so many ways. With the rise of social media, people are focusing more and more on visuals. Having high-end imagery will allow you to stand out among the crowd.

From the first impressions on an about page to ad conversion on Facebook & Instagram, the images you put out are your first touchpoint for any online interaction and therefore very valuable. Studies show that adding a photo to words, ads or your website increases click through rates by 42%. That’s not even taking the quality of the images into consideration.

This is how a professional imagery can improve your business even more:

I. Unforgettable first impression

Just like how people window-shop at stores, people also “window-shop” online. Having professional photos is the first big step to creating a great impression. Not only your products should look amazing, but also you – as the face of your brand – should look inviting. In the end, people buy from those they like + trust.

II. Tell your story

Your images are a way for you to show anything from your personal style, your morning routine, the process you go through with each client, and an opportunity to show that you’re an authority on your business. Your photographs not only change the look, but the entire experience your clients have when landing on your website or social media. Personal branding imagery helps you to reflect the spirit of your business.

“Personal branding photography reflects the spirit of your business.”

III. Content, content + content

By regularly posting on your social media platforms, you’ll become more visible for your (potential) clients. It’s proven that you can grab a person’s attention easier and quicker when you include an image on your post. And a professional image will definitely set you apart from all the others. Generally, one personal branding session provides you with 2-4 months of content!

IV. Your images vs. stock images

Your brand is unique, and while most stock images are good, they’ll never genuinely represent your brand. Your imagery should be as authentic + real as anything else you create for your customers.

V. It’s actually a lot of fun!

I strive to make all my photography sessions personal and genuine, and I want you to feel 100% comfortable so your personality shines through. Besides that, I aim to empower women with these personal branding session. Too many women have been taught to be humble and quiet and I love to help them see that they can have impact when they are ready to share their gift with the world. Most of my (female) clients are a bit nervous before their shoot, but afterwards they always tell me how relaxed and fun the session was!


So, let’s go grab a drink, chat about you and your business, and have a great time (and I’m gonna take very good photos of you while were at it!). You can fill in the contact form through the contact page to book your session.