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The importance of photography for marketing

Marketing and advertising are very important parts of selling a product or a service. This is not just true in the case of a business, but also is essential for entrepreneurs + creatives looking for a public acknowledgment. Putting out an image or video can perform some major tasks that include catching a prospective customer’s eye, enhancing the details of a product or a service, appealing to the customer to buy, or just putting out in public the whole idea of a company.

We crave images, we want quick information, and we want it fast. Information that can be processed faster, in the form of an image for example, will always rise above other mediums. So what better medium than photography to deliver your message?

Capture attention quickly

Although video, audio, and text are important elements of modern marketing, nothing is better at attracting attention quickly than photographs. One only needs to look at billboards to see this effect in action. Of course, one picture won’t do it, but a well-curated collection that is updated to keep your audience surprised is guaranteed to bring you a constant flow of new business leads.

Establish stronger relationships & increase engagement

Ideally, every brand wants to stand out and be memorable. If clients associate you with symbols or even photography styles, it’s an accomplishment. Think about the fact that the majority of our communication is non-verbal. Including visual elements and complementing them with good copy is a marketer’s mission. You’re looking to capture your audience’s imagination and connect to them on a deeper level, so professional photography (that is also artistic) is a must.

Project a professional image
Cater to mobile audiences

People are shopping on mobile (social media + web) all the time and many of them are browsing when on the go – during their commute, waiting online, grabbing a few minutes during their lunch break. Product or editorial photography quickly communicates what you’re selling, which you need to do for customers who don’t have time to read through the full description.

Show your audience what makes you unique

Photography shouldn’t just be high quality, and thorough, it should also have branding and be recognizable as coming from your company.  Your choice of photographs should always align with your brand, your mission, and your content. Once you’ve got your strategy covered, and know exactly what you want to achieve, you can use photography to express yourself creatively. Use unique locations, source props and perishables, get an amazing stylist & make-up artist, book a skilled photographer – and blow ’em away 😉

And don’t forget – know HOW you use your imagery for the best results!

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