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Elopements: what are they?

While to our grandparents, an elopement meant a cheap, ill-planned, cheesy, last-minute and unapproved way to get married – that’s not what eloping means anymore!

In its simplest sense, an elopement is an intentionally small, intimate and meaningful wedding day where the focus of the day is really about you two.

All about the two of you

An elopement usually does not involve guests, family members and friends to witness your nuptials. It could be just the two of you climbing a mountain and saying your vows at the top. Or only inviting your two closest friend to hear your vows by the ocean in a cute surf town in Costa Rica (like Mitesh and Jayoti did!).


What is elopement photography?

Elopements usually take place in a courthouse or somewhere outside. Often times, the photographer serves as the witness and an it doesn’t involve any form of reception after the ceremony. Nevertheless, elopement photography can be so much more than just a few photos of your ceremony & some portraits. I believe it’s about capturing the entire experience and that’s why I’ll be there for you to shoot everything: from waking up and eating breakfast to hopping in the cabrio with the top down. And from driving to your dream location blasting your favourite tunes and getting your wedding dress on to saying your vows, putting a ring on your partner’s finger, your champagne toast & your first dance under the starlit sky. When photographing your elopement, I’ll do everything I can to bring every detail to life to make your day far more than you ever imagined!


Is my wedding an elopement?

You might be wondering if you should book a wedding package or an elopement package. Here’s a simple check list to help you out:

  1. Do you have a bridal party?
  2. Do you have a venue?
  3. Do you have a guest list?
  4. Are you having a reception?
  5. Did you send out invitations?
  6. Is it more than two months away?

If you answered yes to any – or most – of these questions, you will most likely fall into the standard wedding coverage category.

Receive a custom offer

Every elopement or wedding is unique and that’s why my pricing packages are only guidelines. After meeting my clients, I always make a custom offer to make sure it fits your needs!

Feel free to contact me for more information about my pricing structure or to receive your custom offer!