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10 best Canggu cafes to eat (& work)

Okay, ladies & gents, I’m putting on my blogging shoes here for a second. I’ve been living in Canggu for about 5 months now, and my Google Maps is literally one big pin by now. Eating out is – besides photography – one of my biggest hobbies. So it’s time for some recommendations by yours truly 😉

Okay, let’s cut to the chase (just click the name to check out their Instagram profile or website). They’re listed in random order – all just as great!

1. Woods Pererenan

Amazing food, great vibes. + they host Jazz brunches on Sunday and every two weeks or so they have live Jazz Nights. You Will Want To Try This One.

2. RiZe cafe

Must visit for breakfast. Delicious & super chill.

3. Shelter Bali

Looks gorgeous, but the fooooood. SO GOOD!

4. Ji Terrace by the Sea

The views are THE BEST. Go for sunset, and ask for this red looking spicy cocktail one. I’m a bad blogger, sorry. Don’t know the name – but fucking fabulous.


Sushi by the sea, and also a great place for vegetarians. Their watermelon sushi is, again, SO GOOD.

6. Synkonah

You want to go here on Sunday for the roast. You’ll be licking your fingers.


You like potato mash? Me too. Try it. (I’d go here at night – very cute with the lights).

8. I Am Vegan Babe

Perfect for breakfast & lunch. Non-vegetarians, come on’, give it a chance.

9. Cafe Vida

If you like the yoga vibe, this’ll be your place.

10. Bali Buda

Authentic, great food & they got a really nice eco-store. + value for money!

Maybe not top 10, but still worth a visit are: Good Mantra, The Shady Shack, Honey, The Shady Pig (drinks!), Black Sand Brewery, BAKED., Pels (Peloton supershop), ZIN cafe (mainly for a day of working).

PS. I follow a vegetarian diet – and even though these places are not necessarily vegetarian/vegan – they offer plenty of options!

PPS. Totally unrelated – but if you want to get those pretty shots while you’re here? Hit me up. I’m a pretty good photographer 😉